Infusionz | Watermelon 600mg Δ8 THC Gummies

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The pandemic can be a stressful time and sometimes you just want to kick back, grab some munchies, and watch a funny movie. Introducing Infusionz Delta-8 THC gummies!

  • 20mg of naturally occurring Hemp derived Delta-8 THC per piece
  • 30 pieces
  • Only 2g sugar per serving!
  • Delicious watermelon flavor

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Delta-8 THC is the latest craze promising to offer similar effects to Delta-9 THC without some of the issues commonly reported with its sibling.

1 review for Infusionz | Watermelon 600mg Δ8 THC Gummies

  1. jvalladares77

    I’ve tried different brands out there and these gummies are the best in my opinion. Taste good and are very stronge. I use them to relieve pain and stress or just chill, powerful stuff!

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