Honest Paws | Relief CBD Oil


U.S. Grown Organic Full-Spectrum Hemp + Ginger Oil

Relief oil is recommended for:

  • Promoting healthy bones and joints
  • Helping keep dogs in peak condition
  • Supporting joint flexibility and mobility

Earn up to 35 Points.


This bottle of Honest Paws Relief Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil can do amazing things for your pet.

In fact, if this bottle only knew what it could accomplish, there’s a good chance it would ask for a promotion.

So do us a favor, don’t tell the bottle that it can support your dog’s joint function, encourage healthy bones and hips and help with occasional stiffness and soreness.

Because if this one bottle of Relief Oil that’s enclosed was aware of all of its benefits, we’d be hearing about it all day long. And the last thing we need is full-spectrum hemp with a massive ego.


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