Bloom Farms | Dream 200mg CBN / 1000mg CBD Tincture

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True Full-Spectrum CBD Oil
+Pure CBN for Even More Restful Sleep

  • 120 servings
  • 1.7 mg CBN, 8.3 mg CBD per 1/4 ml serving
  • Evening use only
  • Do not exceed 1 ml (4 servings) per 24 hours

This formula is our organically grown full-spectrum hemp tincture enhanced with potent hemp-derived CBN isolate for boosted evening relaxation and sedative effects.

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True Full-Spectrum CBD Oil
With all the cannabinoids and beneficial terpenes of its source plants for a more effective “entourage effect,” our true full-spectrum CBD oil starts with unique varieties of CBD-rich clean hemp.

+ Pure CBN for an Even More Restful Sleep 
Our signature CBD extract is enhanced with potent cannabinol (CBN) isolate for boosted evening relaxation and sedative effect.

CBD Benefits Plus Enhanced Relaxation & Rest 
Hemp-derived CBD is said to encourage mind-body balance, relaxation and an overall sense of wellness. This formula is our organically grown full-spectrum hemp extract enhanced with potent CBN isolate for an even better night’s rest.

Crafted with Safety & Quality in Mind
Our ethically grown hemp and CBD tinctures are meticulously lab-tested for safety and consistency. This commitment to social responsibility extends to our 1-for-1 program. Our pledge: For every purchase of a BLOOM FARMS CBD product, we donate a healthy meal to a food-insecure individual or family.

Organic MCT (Coconut) Oil, Organic Whole-Plant Hemp Extract, Cannabinol.

Taste & Color
This product has an earthy, distinct and unfiltered flavor, which is the mark of an exceptional cannabinoid tincture. It contains full-spectrum extract complete with naturally occurring terpenes and a rich amber hue. No artificial colors or flavors.

Usage Guidelines
Serving Size: 1/4 ml
Servings: 120
Per serving: 1.7 mg CBN, 8.3 mg CBD
Per bottle: 200 mg CBN, 1000 mg CBD

Important: Do not use if pregnant, breastfeeding, operating machinery or driving. Do not exceed 1 ml (4 servings) in 24 hours.

Good for: Evening use only. Relaxation and more restful sleep.

Shake your CBD tincture

1. Shake. Because they have different weights, the coconut oil and CBD may slightly separate between uses. Simply shake to restore the suspension.


How to measure CBD tincture

2. Measure. Use the included dropper to select proper measurement. Pull tincture into the dropper to the indicator line for a 1/4 ml serving.


How to take a CBD tincture

3. Deposit. Place tincture under tongue, being careful to keep the dropper clean. If taking more than one serving, deposit only 1/4 ml at a time.


How long to absorb CBD tincture

4. Relax. Allow to absorb for 30-60 seconds. Activation may take up to 45 minutes; however, sublingual delivery may result in immediate onset.

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 every six hours as needed. Do not exceed 1 ml (4 servings) in 24 hours.

How to store your CBD tincture

5. Store. After use, seal tightly and store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. The included duster bag will keep the bottle clean and secure in a drawer or your carry-on.

Additional information

Weight1.5 oz
Dimensions1.375 × 1.375 × 4.25 in
CBD per 0.25ml

8.3 mg

CBN per 0.25ml

1.7 mg


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